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Physician Requisition Process for Medical Laboratories

Custom Requisition Printing with Barcode Accessioning

September 16, 2015 – Therapak has introduced laboratory requisitions and printing processes adding flexibility, customization and cash flow benefits for medical laboratories. Requisitions are an integral part of any physician and laboratory process for ordering patient lab tests. Historically requisitions are printed in bulk, far in advance of their use which causes waste and obsolete forms. Therapak’s print-on-demand process offers unique serialization and barcodes, peel-away labels, site customized test menus and other unique site information for each ordering physician. The process is ideal for small, medium, and high volume requisition needs in various formats. Following several successful pilot programs with customers earlier this year, Therapak’s print-on-demand service is now available to laboratories nationwide.

Therapak provides comprehensive kit development, branding, digital requisition printing, fulfillment system technology, logistics management and tracking solutions for the laboratory and pharmaceutical supply chain. Our mission is to help you succeed in delivering quality healthcare products and services on a global basis. For more information, contact us at