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Launch of for Simplified OBGYN Ordering

Claremont, CA., February 1, 2016 – Therapak, a leading supplier of pre-packaged convenience kits and procedure packs for the clinical trial, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and clinical laboratory industries announces the launch of a new website, “There is movement in this segment and OBGYN’s are actively looking at the benefits of brush biopsy procedures compared to traditional punch biopsies,” said Todd Gates, President of Therapak. “Therapak’s website will provide OBGYN practices with a dedicated website to order a range of medical devices for brush biopsy procedures that includes excellent technical content and instructional video in support of Women’s Health initiatives taking place at major clinical testing laboratories.”

Therapak will offer four devices, three of which have fabric-based tips and the fourth a bristle-brush tip design. The fabric used on the three devices (SoftBiopsy®, Soft-ECC®, and Soft-ECC-S®) is made of Kylon® which is a specialized fabric with individually arranged hooks that gently, frictionally abrade and collect the specimen within the rows of hooks and fabric that serve as a basket receptacle. The fourth device, Spirabrush CX, has a twisted wire spine holding semi-rigid double-layered nylon bristles. The brush is coiled into a spiral shape, allowing for the circular ‘face’ of the Spirabrush to be applied directly to an abnormality that is seen on the ectocervix.” Collectively, these devices can be purchased for brush biopsy procedures from the new website for immediate shipment.

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