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Bags, 95kPa

95kPa Transport Bags for UN3373 Biological Substance Transport

  • Patented leak-resistant seal
  • Meets DOT and IATA requirements
  • 7 x 11” size includes a second pocket for paperwork

Therapak’s 95kPa transport bags are ideal to use as a secondary watertight receptacle in accordance with DOT and IATA regulations for shipping Biological Substances. DOT and IATA shipping regulations require that UN3373 Biological Substance, Category B specimens are transported in either a primary container or secondary packaging that has passed the 95kPa pressure differential test.

The 95kPa certified bags feature a patented leak-resistant seal. Specimen tube(s) and other materials can be securely sealed within the front pocket of the bag by peeling away the white tape and folding the adhesive down to cover the opening. The 7 x 11” size includes a convenient back pocket that can be used to hold a requisition form.

Watch a short video of the pressure testing of the Therapak 95kPa Adhesive Seal Bag.

Part No. Description Dimensions Packaging
15650 95kPa Two-Pocket Bag 7 x 11″ 100/pack
15652 95kPa Two-Pocket Bag and Absorbent Pad* 7 x 11″ 100/case
15654 95kPa Two-Pocket Bag with Tube Shuttle and Absorbent Pad* 7 x 11″ 100/case
15655 95kPa Two-Pocket Bag and Aqui-Pak 4 Bay Pouch* 7 x 11″ 100/case
15674 95kPa Single Pocket Bag 12 x 15″ 250/case
15690 95kPa Single Pocket Bag 13 x 18″ 250/case

* Absorbent and Tube Shuttle products are not inserted into the 7 x 11″ 95kPa bag