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Amber Reclosable Zip Style Bags

Therapak’s Amber Zip Style Bags are constructed of 3 mil polyethylene film. Amber bags serve to protect light-sensitive materials from ultraviolet damage. Reclosable amber bags are available in six convenient sizes.

Part No. Description Packaging
16663 9 x 12″ Amber Zip Style 1,000/case
15556 2 x 3” Amber Zip Style 1,000/case
15670 3 x 5″ Amber Zip Style 1,000/case
15536 4 x 6” Amber Zip Style 1,000/case
16636 6 x 8” Amber Zip Style 1,000/case
16652 8 x 14” Amber Zip Style 1,000/case

TearTech® Tube Shuttle

  • For use with courier or biohazard transport bag
  • Numbered tube slots for easy reference
  • 2 sizes to meet your needs


Therapak’s TearTech® Tube Shuttle is a leak-tight, easy to open transport bag for holding up to six standard blood or urine tubes. All tube slots are numbered for ease of use. After the tubes are inserted, simply remove the release liner and fold over to seal. The TearTech® Tube Shuttle should be transported either in one large courier bag with absorbent or rolled up and placed into a standard 6 x 9″ biohazard transport bag.

Therapak also offers an 8-tube shuttle made of polyethylene material with a zip style closure. The 8-tube shuttle features numbered tube slots for easy reference. Once tubes are inserted, seal the zipper closure for leak-tight transport. When shipping, an absorbent cloth should be inserted within the courier bag.

Part No. Description Packaging
15520 6-tube TearTech® Shuttle, permanent seal 500/case
15540 8-tube Shuttle, Zip Seal 500/case

Therapak Plain Zip Style Reclosable Bags

These standard 2 mil polyethylene bags are imported for price competitive quotations. Select the size you want and contact your sales representative for pricing.

Part No. Description Packaging
16053 4 x 6″ Zip Style 1,000/case
16022 6 x 6″ Zip Style 1,000/case
16050 6 x 9″ Zip Style 1,000/case
16079 8 x 10″ Zip Style 1,000/case
16528 10 x 10″ Zip Style 1,000/case
16072 12 x 12″ Zip Style 1,000/case
16074 12 x 15″ Zip Style 1,000/case

Therapak Specimen Transport Bag with requisition pouch

  • Liquid-tight adhesive closure system
  • Secondary pouch for test requisition
  • Tamper-evident construction


These 6 x 9″ polyethylene specimen bags feature a removable, adhesive release liner that secures specimen containers in a liquid-tight primary pouch. Fold and insert requisition in second pouch. Once the bag is sealed, both pouches are tamper-evident which provides protection of specimen and sensitive patient information during the transport process. Each bag comes with a 3 x 4” absorbent sheet.

Part No. Description Packaging
40007 Transport Bag w/ Biohazard Symbol and Absorbent 100/pack
15610 Transport Bag w/ Biohazard Symbol and Absorbent 2,000/case

Therapak Zip Style Reclosable Transport Bags (Two-Pouch)

  • Re-sealable
  • Conveniently holds specimen and paperwork
  • Preprinted with biohazard symbol


Therapak Zip Style Bags are clear and preprinted with the biohazard symbol on the outside. The two-pouch bag is manufactured to hold specimen in one pouch and a requisition form in the other.

Part No. Description Packaging
16644 6 x 6″ Zip Style w/ Biohazard Symbol 1,000/case
16019 6 x 9″ Zip Style w/ Biohazard Symbol 1,000/case
16609 6 x 9” Zip Style w/ Biohazard Symbol
and 3 x 5″ absorbent sheet
16604 8 x 8” Zip Style w/ Biohazard Symbol 1,000/case
16608 8 x 8” Zip Style w/ Biohazard Symbol
and 3 x 4″ absorbent sheet
15550 8 x 10” Zip Style w/ Biohazard Symbol 1,000/case
16532 10 x 10” Zip Style w/ Biohazard Symbol 1,000/case
16629 12 x 12” Zip Style w/ Biohazard Symbol 1,000/case
15522 13 x 18” Zip Style w/ Biohazard Symbol 500/case

Therapak Gel Pack Insulator Bag

  • Just add water to designated line to form gel
  • Protects ambient specimens during transport
  • Ships flat to reduce outbound freight costs
  • Space-saving footprint when packed in kits


The Therapak Gel Pack Insulator Bag is a lightweight, compact alternative to standard insulating coolants. Based on your needs, add warm or cold water to the 6 x 9″ zip style bag and seal. Insert Gel Pack Insulator Bags into your shipping system to help prevent temperature spikes from affecting ambient sample during transit. The pillow pack materials are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. Gel Pack Insulator Bags store flat and are virtually weightless until activated.

Part No. Description Packaging
15515 Gel Pack Insulator Bag with Pillow Pack 100/case