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Histology Lab Equipment

Histology Buckets

These polypropylene histology buckets are conveniently packed in case quantities and each bucket features a carrying handle and snap-on lid. The lid secures tightly to the bucket to reduce odor. The buckets are autoclavable, easy to stack and are resistant to cracking when exposed to common cytology and histology based chemicals such as formaldehyde.

Part No. Description Capacity Packaging
75098G Histology Bucket with Lid 2 liter 20/case
75099G Histology Bucket with Lid 5 liter 10/case
75100G Histology Bucket with Lid 8 liter 10/case

TestFive™ Microscope Slide Cell-Preparation System

TestFive™ Microscope Slide Cell-Preparation System consists of a Five-Hole Acrylic Cuvette with Filter Card registration pins, a Five-Hole Filter Card made of 100% cotton and cellulose fibers, 5 disposable 0.65 mL polypropylene MicroTubes™, and a microscope slide. All components are held together by a spring-loaded stainless steel clip, supplied by Shandon, providing the safety of a completely closed system. Combined unit is designed specifically for use in the Shandon CytoSpin® centrifuge. System simplifies slide preparation for cytology, hematology, oncology, microbiology, or other research applications, while providing an economical alternative to Shandon’s disposable sample chambers.
CytoSpin® is a registered trademark of Thermo Electron.

Part No. Description Packaging
H-SWFC5 5-Hole Filter Card 200/pack, 1,000/case
H-SN0933 0.65 mL MicroTube 1,000/pack, 10,000/case
H-SCAC5 Cuvette with Registration Pins 2 Cuvettes/box

Two-Hole Filter Card for Shandon CytoSpin®

White Filter Cards are made from a blend of 100% cotton and cellulosic fibers. This thick material acts as absorbent padding for the collection of excess reagents or wash solution with sample volumes up to 0.5 mL. Cellulosic fibers add strength and durability to the Filter Card during centrifugation. An economical replacement for Shandon Cytospin® two-hole filter cards. Not for use with TestFive™ Cuvette System.

Part No. Description Packaging
H-SWFC2 Two-Hole Reusable Filter Card 200/pack