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Depending on the type of packaging selected to transport Biological Specimens, there are mandatory markings that must appear on the outer packaging according to DOT and IATA regulations. Please refer to IATA Packing Instruction 650 for more details.

Please consult your Therapak representative if you have any questions about the required markings.

Part No. Description Label Size Packaging
54751 Exempt Animal Specimen 3.5 x 1” 500/roll
54752 IATA UN3373 Biological Substance, Category B Labels, Roll Stock 3.5 x 4” 500/roll
54782 Large IATA UN3373 Biological Substance Category B Labels – Roll Stock 8 x 4” 500/roll
54607 Biohazardous Material Label – Roll Stock in Dispenser Box 3 x 2″ 1,000/roll
54609 Frozen Specimen Label – Roll Stock in Dispenser Box 2 x .875” 1,000/roll
54530 IATA compliant Dry Ice Shipping Label 5.5 x 5.5” 500/roll
54635 Double Up Arrow Orientation Label 3 x 4” 500/roll
54814 Exempt Human Specimen Label 2.5 x 2” 500/roll
54819 Exempt Human Specimen Label 3.5 x 1” 500/roll

Time and Temperature Sensitive label

In accordance with current IATA Chapter 17 revised regulations for temperature sensitive products, this package marking label is required by the TTTF (IATA – Time & Temperature Sensitive Task Force) effective July 1, 2012. In an effort to develop minimum standards for the air transport and handling of time and temperature sensitive products, it is the responsibility of the shipper to apply the time and temperature sensitive product label to the outer packaging visible to package handlers. The marking label must be affixed to at least one side panel of each individual package. The lower half of the label may be used to indicate the transport temperature (allowable temperature range) in Celsius designation and in English. If you do not know the transport temperature range, the lower half of the label should be left blank.

Part No. Description Dimensions Packaging
544657 Time & Temperature Sensitive Label 4 x 4″ 500/roll

List of Contents Card

IATA Packing Instruction 650 requires “an itemized list of contents” card as part of the packaging instruction. This card should be placed between the secondary packaging and the outer packaging. Therapak’s standardized list of contents card is available in any printed quantity requested. Customization available on request. Stock card size is 4.25 x 2.75”.

Part No. Description Packaging
54765 List of Contents Card 100/pack