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Microscope Slides and Storage

BioStor™ Storage Boxes for Microscope Slides

Durable Microscope Slide Storage Boxes are manufactured of high impact plastic and are easily stacked to utilize storage space more efficiently. Boxes hold twenty-five (75 x 25 mm or 3 x 1″) slides. Printed index card in dust cover and molded numbers in base minimize potential handling errors. Exterior reference tab permits identification of contents without removing dust cover.

Part No. Description Packaging
59092 Slide Box for 25 Slides, Black 12/case

Slide Mailers

Therapak offers single, two-slide, and five-slide mailers made of natural polypropylene. This material allows for easy viewing of the internal mailing chamber. The mailer holds 3" x 1" slides. Two-slide mailer also available in opaque blue.

Part No. Description Packaging
56505 Five Slide Mailer 100/case
56674 Double Slide Mailer, Blue 1,000/case
56492 Single Slide Mailer 1,000/case
56503 Two Slide Mailer 1,000/case

Microscope Slides

Therapak’s 3 x 1″ glass slides are 1 mm thick and feature excellent clarity. Each glass
slide is frosted on one end to provide a designated writing surface that is easy to identify.

Part No. Description Packaging
59031 3 x 1″ Single Frosted End Slide 144/box, 1,440/case