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Microscope Slides and Storage

Slide Mailers

Therapak offers double and five-slide mailers made of natural polypropylene. This material allows for easy viewing of the internal mailing chamber. The mailer holds 3" x 1" slides. Two-slide mailer also available in opaque blue.

Part No. Description Packaging
56505 Five Slide Mailer 100/case
56674 Double Slide Mailer, Blue 1,000/case

Microscope Slides

Therapak’s 3 x 1″ glass slides are 1 mm thick and feature excellent clarity. Each glass
slide is frosted on one end to provide a designated writing surface that is easy to identify.

Part No. Description Packaging
59031 3 x 1″ Single Frosted End Slide 144/box, 1,440/case