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Permanent Marker Pens

Sharpie® Permanent Markers

Sharpie® Marker’s tough, resilient tip produces a quick ink flow that dries fast, resists water and stays permanently. Works on glass, metal, photos, and plastic. Mark almost anything with bright, lasting color. Available in a variety of colors, tips, and pack sizes.

Part No. Description Packaging
63299 Sharpie® Black Markers pack of 5
63300 Sharpie® Blue Markers pack of 5
63301 Sharpie® Red Markers pack of 5
63302 Sharpie® Markers, 4 Colors (Red, Green, Blue, Black) pack of 4
63303 Sharpie® Markers, Rainbow pack of 8
63305 Sharpie® Marker, Ultra Fine Point, Black each

StatMark® Permanent Ink Pen

StatMark® is a permanent ink marking pen with an ultrafine tip. It is ideal for labeling slides and histology cassettes. The StatMark® pen ink is chemically resistant to alcohol and xylene.

Part No. Description Packaging
63317 StatMark® Multi-Surface Marking Pen 12/pack