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Disposable Tube Racks

  • Fast assembly
  • Safeguards tubes in transit
  • Numerical reference

Constructed of sturdy paperboard, Therapak disposable racks are shipped flat and assembled in seconds to reduce freight costs and decrease storage space. Tubes remain securely in place during processing and transport for protection and identification. All three Racks are printed with a numerical sequence for easy reference.

Part No. Description Packaging
69088G 12-Hole Tube Rack for 50 mL Tubes 50/case
68928G 20-Hole Half Rack for 15 mL Tubes and all Blood Tubes 50/case
68928GB 20-Hole Half Rack for 15 mL Tubes and all Blood Tubes 450/case
68929G 40-Hole Full Rack for 15 mL Tubes and all Blood Tubes 100/case
68929GB 40-Hole Full Rack for 15 mL Tubes and all Blood Tubes 200/case

TearTech® 25 Hole Foam Rack

  • Accommodates standard tube sizes
  • Die-cut construction permits tearing away variable grid sizes from 1 to 25
  • Combine with boxes, insulated shippers and bags for specimen transport

The TearTech® 25 hole foam rack is a versatile tube transport system that provides cushioning and protection for blood tubes, urinalysis tubes and many other commonly transported test tubes. The die-cut construction allows users to tear away any number of tube holes for transporting from 1 to 25 tubes. This allows the user to customize the transport payload day to day for all tube transport needs when sending specimens within a courier network or via common carriers for subsequent laboratory testing. Combine with Therapak ambient kit boxes, insulated shippers (refrigerated and frozen), specimen bags and absorbent material to complete the specimen shipping requirements. TearTech® 25 hole foam racks are available in case quantities as an individual item or with a 13 x 18″ specimen bag with absorbent for direct placement into common insulated shippers (see 56519 Small Insulated Shipper). Overall foam block size is 150 mm x 150 mm x 100 mm.

Part No. Description Packaging
68825 TearTech® 25 Hole Foam Rack 24/case
68930G TearTech® 25 Hole Foam Rack Inside 13 x 18″ Zip Style Bag with Absorbent Sheet 12/case

Test n' Toss™ Disposable Test Tube Rack

  • Holds up to 80 Test Tubes
  • Can accommodate test tube sizes ranging from 13 – 16 mm in diameter and 75-100 mm in height
  • Racks can be used as ten half-shells or five complete, leak resistant, storage and transport racks.

The Test n’ Toss™ rack holds up to eighty test tubes ranging in diameters of 13–16 mm and heights of 75–100 mm. The test tubes are stored in a leak-resistant plastic shell that contains spills. The rack’s use permits it to hold, transport, store, refrigerate, and incubate test tubes. It can be disposed after contamination occurs. Shipments contain ten half-shells with dividers to stabilize test tubes. The half-shells can be interlocked to make five covered, stackable racks. When interlocked, both dividers from each half-shell can be placed within the joined unit. This function allows the test tubes to remain secure and upright during transportation or storage.

For transportation of these racks please refer to the absorbent and bag sections of our online catalog.

Part No. Description Packaging
68842 Test n’ Toss™ Disposable Test Tube Rack 10 racks/case
10312 12 x 12″ Zorb™ Absorbent Sheet 500/case
15522 13 x 18″ Zip Bag with Biohazard Symbol 500/case

BioStor™ BeakerBath™ Floaters

Round, versatile, 16-place BeakerBath™ Floaters are ideal for high-temperature incubation of micro-sample volumes in standard beakers or water baths. Microwavable polyfoam Floaters ensure microtubes are immersed at same depth, regardless of water level. Inner ring holds 4 each 0.5 mL to 0.75 mL microcentrifuge tubes, while outer ring holds 12 each 1.5 mL to 2.0 mL microcentrifuge tubes or BioStor™ Vials. Fits in 600 mL glass beaker.

Part No. Description Packaging
RF16-15MT 16-Place Floater 10/pack