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Temperature Data Loggers and Indicators

MaxiLog-HX Temperature Data Logger

  • Single use and easy to activate
  • Temperature Range: -29°C to +72°C (-20°F to +162°F)
  • Full data report provided including graph and data points

Marathon’s compact MaxiLog HX temperature data logger provides critical temperature data for your time sensitive biological shipments. These single use devices are quick to activate with no programming required. Once activated, the logger will start recording temperature data within 10 minutes and last for up to 90 days!

To access logger data, simply load the MaxiLog HX into the reader station and insert into the USB slot of your computer. The free software (downloaded from Marathon) will allow the review and storage of temperature data and graphs. A fully detailed report is provided including specific logger information, temperature graph and data points. All loggers are set to Pacific Standard Time (PST) as the reference for date and time data.

Each logger is traceable to NIST (NIST certificate included with purchase) and includes full Quality Control documentation.

Part No. Description Packaging
447289 Single Use Temperature Data Logger, PDF, Blue, MaxiLog-HX / Temperature Range: -29°C to +72°C Each
447290 USB Reader Station, MaxiLog-HX Each

WarmMark™ Short-Run Temperature Indicators

  • Single use and easy to activate
  • Shows temperature exposure above the indicator set point
  • Brief, moderate, prolonged exposure times

The WarmMark family of temperature indicators are single-use devices that provide accurate, irreversible evidence of any above temperature deviation allowing you to make smarter decisions across the cold chain. The WarmMark ascending time-temperature indicator alerts users of exposure to unacceptably high temperature conditions and the cumulative amount of time of the exposure.

WarmMark Product Features

1. Field-armable with pull tab
2. Temperature sensitivity
3. Black stripes show product armed
4. Brief, moderate, prolonged exposure times

Click for more information on reading the WarmMark Time-Temp Tags

Part No. Description Packaging
84587 WarmMark™ Short-Run Indicators for 0°F (-18°C) 100/pack
85435 WarmMark™ Short-Run Indicators for 32°F (0°C) 100/pack
84589 WarmMark™ Short-Run Indicators for 41°F (5°C) 100/pack
84507 WarmMark™ Short-Run Indicators for 46°F (8°C) 100/pack
85438 WarmMark™ Short-Run Indicators for 50°F (10°C) 100/pack
84508 WarmMark™ Short-Run Indicators for 68°F (20°C) 100/pack
85443 WarmMark™ Short-Run Indicators for 77°F (25°C) 100/pack
84540 WarmMark™ Short-Run Indicators for 86°F (30°C) 100/pack
84590 WarmMark™ Short-Run Indicators for 99°F (37°C) 100/pack

ColdMark™ Time Temperature Indicators

Some temperature sensitive products must never be exposed to temperatures below freezing. The ColdMark™ Freeze Indicator is a single-use, self-activating tool that tells you if your product has been exposed to freezing conditions. When the temperature dips below a freezing point, the clear, colorless indicator bulb changes to a violet color. This color change cannot be reversed, even if the temperature rises back up above freezing.

Part No. Description Packaging
85437 ColdMark™ Time Temperature Indicator for 32°F (0°C) 100/pack
84543 ColdMark™ Time Temperature Indicator for 41°F (5°C) 100/pack

Marathon C\Temp-LCD™ Data Loggers

The new C\Temp-LCD is an innovative, cost-effective monitoring device for temperature sensitive products. Available in both single and multiple-use versions, the device is easy to activate, highly accurate and provides all information directly on the LCD display. Display information includes current temperature, max and min temperature, run time, alarm status and recording. USB reader station and software allows the multi-use device to be programmed and temperature data to be accessed providing data points and graphs.
The single-use device (#365069) is pre-programmed to operate for 30 Days. The multi-use device (#365070) is programed using the available software and USB reader station. Programming options include ‘Duration of Recording’, ‘Start Delay’ and ‘Alarm’ settings.

Part No. Description Packaging
365069 Single-Use C\Temp-LCD Temperature Data Logger / Temperature Range -35°C to +50°C / Duration: 30 Days Each
365070 Multi-use C\Temp-LCD Temperature Data Logger / Temperature Range: -35°C to +50°C Each
365071 C\Temp Reader / USB Connection Each
365072 C\Temp Software Each

Marathon MicroDL™ Temperature Data Loggers

MicroDL is a programmable data logger engineered for displaying realtime temperature
as well as the ability to scroll through a summary of recorded history information.
Operating Temperature range is -10ºC to 72ºC for #36543 and -30ºC to 72ºC for #36573.
MicroDL Reader and Software allows the data logger to be programmed and provides
easy access to temperature graphs and data.

Part No. Description Packaging
36573 MicroDL Temperature Data Logger (8k memory) / Temperature Range: -30°C to 72°C Each
36647 MicroDL Temperature Data Logger w/Flat Probe / Temperature Range: -80°C to +30°C Each
36569 MicroDL Reader / USB Connection Each
36574 MicroDL Software Each