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Sample Collection and Transport Tubes

False Bottom Analyzer Tube

  • Tube is automation friendly
  • Rounded bottoms fit easily in test-tube rack
  • Caps can be applied to contain sample

The circular analyzer tubes feature a conical false bottom, which prevents probe from crashing in most systems and allows for easy placement in a test-tube rack. The tubes are made of polypropylene and are available with printed graduations. The caps, packaged separately, seal per ASTM D3078 to 95kPa.

Part No. Description Packaging
80983 16 mm False Bottom Tube and Cap 1000/case

10 mL capacity screw cap serum tube

Therapak’s most popular transport tube, the 10 mL serum tube has successfully passed the 95kPa pressure test. The tube and cap are polypropylene. Use as a transport tube for serum or a universal pour-off tube.

Part No. Description Packaging
80526 10 mL screw cap serum tube 2,000/case

Transport Tubes and Caps

Made either with crystal clear polystyrene for glass-like clarity, or clarified polypropylene for excellent contact clarity, impact strength, and chemical resistance, these tubes, when combined with the matching cap, provide excellent durability and leak-resistant properties for a wide variety of storage and transport applications.

Part No. Description Packaging
80851 5 mL 16 x 50 mm flat bottom polypropylene tube 1000/case
80852 Plug cap for 5 mL flat bottom tube (80851) 2000/case
80853 10 mL 16 x 75 mm round bottom polypropylene tube, threaded 2000/case
80854 10 mL 16 x 75 mm conical bottom polypropylene tube, skirted, threaded 2000/case
80855 Screw cap for 10 mL tubes (80853 and 80854) 2000/case
80856 5 mL 12 x 75 mm round bottom polypropylene tube, graduated 2500/case
80857 5 mL 12 x 75 mm round bottom polystyrene tube, graduated 2500/case
80858 Plug cap for 12 mm tubes (80856 and 808571) 2500/case
80859 13 x 100 mm round bottom polypropylene tube 1000/case
80860 Plug cap for 13 mL round bottom tube (80859) 1000/case