Tube Holders and Mailers

MicroStar® 28 Tube Holder

This high clarity plastic PVC tube holder accommodates 28 tubes with tube dimensions ranging up to 13 x 100 mm. Molded cavities hold tubes securely in place for transport or storage and are also compatible with tubes which have a ‘Safety Stopper’. Ideal for storage of tubes in vertical position or horizontal position in both refrigerators and freezers. Assembled size of one tube rack is 10.5 x 10 x 0.625″.

Part No. Description Capacity Packaging
563218 MicroStar® 28 Tube Holder 28 blood tubes 12/case

MicroStar® 2 Tube Holder

This two-tube holder protects fragile specimens or evacuated blood tubes on outbound and inbound shipments. Ideal for inclusion in applications concerning clinical trial specimen tube transport or DUI substance abuse test kits where glass fabricated tubes with gray stopper plugs are used and require protection. Holds tube sizes up to 16 x 100 mm.

Part No. Description Packaging
56590 MicroStar® 2 Tube holder 50/case

Small foam mailer – up to 3 tubes

Constructed of EPS, this three tube holder protects fragile specimens and evacuated blood tubes on outbound and inbound shipments. A foam lid sits tightly over tubes to provide an insulated transport environment. Holds tube sizes up to 16 x 100 mm.

Part No. Description Dimensions Packaging
44903 Small foam mailer – 3 tubes 3.5 x 7.5 x 1.5″ 50/case

TearTech® 25 Hole Foam Rack

  • Accommodates standard tube sizes from 13x75mm to 16x100mm
  • Die-cut construction permits tearing away variable grid sizes from 1 to 25
  • Provides excellent protection for tubes during transport
  • Combine with boxes, insulated shippers and bags for specimen transport

The TearTech® 25 hole foam rack is a versatile tube transport system that provides cushioning and protection for blood tubes, urinalysis tubes and many other commonly transported test tubes. The die-cut construction allows users to tear-away any number of tube holes for transporting from 1 to 25 tubes. This allows the user to customize the transport payload day to day for all tube transport needs when sending specimens within a courier network or via common carriers for subsequent laboratory testing. Combine with Therapak ambient kit boxes, insulated shippers (refrigerated and frozen), specimen bags and absorbent material to complete the specimen shipping requirements. TearTech® 25 hole foam racks are available in case quantities as an individual item or with a 13 x 18″ specimen bag with absorbent for direct placement into common insulated shippers (see 56519 Small Insulated Shipper). Overall foam block size is 150 mm x 150 mm x 100 mm.

Part No. Description Packaging
68930G TearTech® 25 Hole Foam Rack Inside 13 x 18″ Zip Style Bag With Absorbent Sheet 12/case
68825 TearTech® 25 Hole Foam Rack 24/case