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Urine Containers – 24 Hour

24 Hour Urine Collection Containers pre-filled with Acetic Acid or HCL

  • Pre-filled containers eliminates filling tasks at the laboratory
  • Reduces risks of laboratory personnel performing biohazardous tasks
  • Choose from two commonly used preservatives for 24 Hour collections
  • 3 liter space-saver size container easy to store on-site or at patient site
  • Collection instructions on each container for patient convenience

Therapak offers two pre-filled 24 hour collection containers for remote site collection and subsequent confirmatory laboratory testing. Each three liter container is pre-filled with 30 mL of the preservative which will be refrigerated and mixed throughout the duration of patient collection. Upon completion of the collection cycle, laboratory procedures will specify what the patient will use as a pour-off container in order to retrieve a representative sample of the 24 hour collection at the laboratory for testing. As indicated on the provided container instructions, the patient or acting physician will not send the entire container to the laboratory. Typically, a 90 mL specimen container (see #74966G below) will be provided by the laboratory in addition to these pre-filled 24 hour containers to insure the pour-off process is acknowledged by the patient or acting physician.

It is also recommended that the laboratory provide a basic urine collection cup with the pre-filled containers for the collection process. It is not recommended that the patient void directly into the 24 hour collection container due to the preservative acid content inside the container. The patient is encouraged to void into a separate (beaker style collection with pour spout – see #74850G below) cup and pour the contents into the 24 hour collection container during the collection process.

Part No. Description Packaging
38533G 24 HR Collection Container with 30 mL Acetic Acid 24/case
38534G 24 HR Collection Container with 30 mL Hydrochloric Acid 24/case
74966G 90 mL Specimen Container for Pour-Off and Transport 400/case
74850G 180 mL Beaker Style Collection Cup with Pour Spout 500/case

Compact Vertical 3 Liter 24 Hour Urine Collection Container

  • Markings on cap and container align to guarantee that the cap is correctly tightened
  • Easy to read molded graduations at 50 mL increments
  • Large easy to grip handle

Container is manufactured using 100% virgin, chemically-resistant, UV filtering medical grade plastic. This container is free of metals, latex, fluorescence and is resistant to reagents that may be used to preserve specimens. The compact, slim design allows convenient refrigerator storage and easy handling when stored in lock boxes. The closure system (cap and liner) has built-in features to prevent leakage and maintain the integrity of the specimen during collection, transport and storage.

Part No. Description Packaging
94667 Vertical 24 Hour Container, 3 Liter 40/case

Horizontal, 4 liter 24 Hour Specimen Container

Therapak’s 4 liter (4000 mL) 24 hour collection container features an innovative, leak proof cap liner, large opening and pop-up spout. The pop-up spout makes pouring-off specimen directly into primary testing and transport vials easy. The container is resistant to Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) preservative solutions and can be stored frozen.

Part No. Description Packaging
74968 Horizontal 24 Hour Container, 4 Liter 30/case

UrineTime Proportioning Device

This unique new product solves an old problem. UrineTime is a 24 hour urine proportioning system for the automatic division of samples into two separate containers for assays. Available in either pre-assembled kits or bulk packages.

Part No. Description Packaging
94324 4 Assembled Kits 4/case
94362 5 Kits Ready for Assembly 5/case

Vertical, 3 Liter 24 Hour Specimen Container

  • Large handle for easy transportation
  • Custom cap and neck design help prevent leaking
  • Accurate scale allows for proper measurement ceasing the need to transfer samples into a graduated cylinder
  • Amber tinted to protect samples from the damage of light exposure
Part No. Description Packaging
94350 Vertical 24 Hour Container, 3 liter 40/case


Therapak 24-Hour Urine Collection Containers are NOT recommended for air transport or ground carrier transport when filled with liquid. Therapak recommends pouring off into a leak-tight 90 mL type container (refer to Part No. 74815) following the 24-Hour collection period and transporting the container in compliance with applicable air and ground transport regulations.