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Urine Culture

Urine Culture Vial with Preservative

The proper diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) relies on several factors:

  1. The use of proper collection techniques
  2. A transport device that preserves the integrity of the specimen
  3. A suitable diagnostic test method properly performed to identify the pathogens present in the specimen

Any delay in the transportation of urine specimen to a laboratory may result in either a proliferation or decrease of bacterial levels and may lead to erroneous results. The effect is more significant if the specimen is left at room temperature. The common practice is to place the urine specimen under refrigeration prior to sending it to the laboratory. The Urine Culture Vial is designed to preserve urine specimens by the use of specially formulated powder eliminating the need to store specimens under refrigeration. The chemical preservative will minimize proliferation or decrease of bacteria for 72 hours.

Part No. Description Capacity Packaging
94509 10 mL Vial with Boric Acid Preservative Tablet 10 mL 100/bag, 500/case