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Global Distribution Centers

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Therapak has three global facilities which have been strategically positioned to best serve the outsourcing and distribution needs of the laboratory and pharmaceutical community.

  • Los Angeles
  • Atlanta
  • Prague

With multiple facilities to choose from for your distribution needs, Therapak offers efficient freight by shipping from the most local facility.

Therapak’s PASSPORT™ CSE system automatically routes between the selected Therapak service facilities (globally) to optimize freight cost and reduce delivery time. For US bound customers, Therapak is able to take advantage of its bi-coastal presence and offer 3-day ground anywhere in the US.


PASSPORT™ CSE offers many distribution benefits and tools including:

  • Establishment of customer specific shipping method preferences
  • Integration with all major freight integrators (FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT) on a global basis
  • Order review screen with real-time order review status and shipment tracking number


Therapak has daily pickups from most national and specialized freight couriers and is accustomed to processing orders in an expedited manner to accommodate customer mandated turn-around times.

With over 50,000 orders processed each month through our systems, and with each order containing a wide variety of products and requested quantities, Therapak is the right choice for all of your distribution needs.