Therapak is now Avantor Clinical Services, delivering custom kitting solutions

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Kit Development and Global Supply Delivery

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Therapak is an industry-trusted name in developing customized specimen collection and shipping kits to accommodate your lab assay and protocol specific testing needs. Since 1999, Therapak has been developing kits to meet the supply needs of the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical & Biotech / Clinical Trials
  • Diagnostic Laboratories / Clinical & Commercial Applications
  • Pathology Laboratories
  • Reference Laboratories
  • Drug of Abuse Testing Laboratories

Therapak’s team of experienced professionals, armed with established industry relationships, works closely with customers to address every aspect of their kit supply needs, and ensure timely delivery of supplies to meet project launch timelines.

While working through the development process, Therapak will also be applying continuous improvement tools as part of our Supply Sense program to ensure optimal fit for:

  • Kit Packaging Requirements – configure from current development options or create a custom solution
  • Sourcing and Procurement – address kit material requirement and accommodate special reagent filling as needed
  • Delivery of collection supplies to the physician site – compact packaging
  • Marketing presentations and ease of use – custom branding
  • Printing – Requisition Forms, Inserts, Airway bills & Return Service labels, barcoded tube labels
  • Thermal integrity of specimens in route to the lab – Thermal validation via controlled chamber testing as needed
  • Freight optimization – dimensional weight comparison with actual weight analysis
  • Regulatory compliance – DOT/IATA package certification