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PASSPORT™ online ordering portal features Kit-Track ID technology allowing our customers to:

  • Reduce supply costs while increasing service levels to clients
  • Proactively manage client site kit inventory to boost utilization
  • Automatically replenish client site kit inventory
  • Track site inventory by expiration date to ensure compliance

Utilizing our PASSPORT™ portal delivers access to comprehensive kit information. Every Therapak assembled kit can be tracked through PASSPORT™ Kit Track ID to ascertain kit and order details including:

  • Production Lot Number
  • Unique Serial Number
  • Expiration Date
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Account or Site Number
  • PASSPORT™ Order Number
  • Shipment Tracking Number

The accumulation of order and tracking data in PASSPORT™ allows customers access to a wide variety of standard and customizable reports by client site and date range to monitor supply activity, cost of supplies delivered to the sites and other dashboard driven metrics. For more information contact us at