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Printing Services

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Printing and Shipping Solutions

In addition to accommodating your kit supply needs, Therapak provides a complete solution for your printing needs, including:

  • Preparation of customized and branded Laboratory Requisition Forms and Booklets
  • Printing of Product Inserts and Instructional Guides
  • Lab Manual printing and assembly
  • On demand printing of site specific Requisition Forms
  • On demand printing of site specific shipping documents to include:
    • Airway Bills for all courier service providers (US and International)
    • Return Service Labels for FedEx and UPS
    • Commercial Invoice Documents

The printed documents can either be included as part of a kit for physician site distribution or be shipped in bulk in pre-set counts as part of the items available on the supply ordering menu.

Barcode Label Printing

Therapak’s Accession Track system allows on-demand generation of Barcode Labels or multi-part NCR Requisition Forms with full traceability of the Requisition Number to the kit style and the client order number.

Contact us to learn more about how Therapak can fulfill your accession label printing and tracking needs.