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Client Supply Management Solutions

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Intelligent Supply Management (ISM)

Therapak uses Kit-Track ID to uniquely track each kit to a site-specific order processed through our CSE system.

Intelligent Supply Management (ISM) allows our customers to use the intelligence stored in the Kit-Track ID for optimal control over their entire supply chain by:

  • Tracking the shipment of kit supplies from any Therapak facility to the physician site
  • Tracking the usage of kits when used to ship specimens from the site to the lab for analysis
  • Tracking kit inventory at site by kit style, expiration date and all other Kit-Track ID attributes
  • Tracking kit consumption by site

With the ability to track this valuable information through our CSE system, Therapak maximizes ISM benefits through the following procedures:

  • Performing inventory reconciliation by tracking kits remaining at the site by expiration date, and make resupply decisions based on this data
  • Using auto-replenishment features in CSE called Intelligent Supply Replenishment (ISR) to automatically trigger resupply of kits using established trigger levels based on kit usage data by site
  • Utilizing standing order features in CSE to resupply kits to sites with repetitive patterns of consumption.

Flexible System Integration

Therapak has prepared standard specifications for integrating our CSE system with customer CRM or LIMS systems for real-time exchange of all physician site information, sales order transactions, and shipping confirmations. Customers can become users on Therapak’s CSE system or can integrate CSE with their current enterprise systems.