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Drug Development Kitting Services

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Take your Clinical Trials outsourcing to the next level with Therapak Drug Development Services. Our expertise in managing thousands of studies since 1999 with an experienced project management team at three global facilities has prepared Therapak to collaborate and build on your success with our protocol management solutions. Our fulfillment technologies include the millions of orders processed in PASSPORT™ CTO and PASSPORT™ CTE online ordering and tracking portals.

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Protocol and visit-specific collection kits, bulk supplies and IATA certified specimen shipping systems sent to investigator sites worldwide are just a few of the services provided to the following customer segments:

  • Biotech Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Central Laboratories
  • Contract Research Organizations (CRO’s)

We look forward to working with you to determine how we can support your study needs with the following services:

  • Turn-key sourcing & procurement support
  • Materials management of customer supplied components
  • Protocol customized Visit-Specific and Time-Point Specific kit development
  • GMP Assembly in FDA-registered facilities
  • Requisition and return service label printing
  • Barcode label set-up and printing
  • Pre-labeling services
  • Collating Kits and Bulk Supplies
  • Distribution to Investigator Sites on a global basis
  • PASSPORT™ Online Ordering system
  • Freight Plan Consolidation Management
  • 2D and RFID PASSPORT™ Kit Track ID

As an FDA registered organization, and a qualified supplier to many sponsor and laboratory customers on a global basis, Therapak is the right partner to support your clinical trial kit supply needs. For more information contact us at