Therapak is now Avantor Clinical Services, delivering custom kitting solutions

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General Healthcare Products & Services

Therapak is a trusted and reliable industry supplier of specialized specimen collection and transport products and many other laboratory supplies located in our product catalog.

Specialized products are used by:

  • Hospital Labs
  • Medical Centers
  • Reference Laboratories
  • Pain Management Clinics
  • Pathology Laboratories
  • Drugs of Abuse Testing Labs
  • Medical Courier Companies
  • Life Science and Pharma Companies
  • Laboratory Distributors

Products range in sample-specific (blood, stool, tissue and urine) and customizable test-specific collection kits. Certified temperature controlled specimen shipping systems that maintain the integrity of specimens during transport are key to our product mix in addition to a wide range of medical courier supplies and reusable courier transport totes.

The differentiating value of our product mix is the consolidated access to these specialized products from hundreds of suppliers. Additionally, our services enable our clients to deliver products to laboratories, courier companies and collection sites anywhere in the world through our PASSPORT™ LSE (Lab Supply Express) online ordering portal.


The PASSPORT™ LSE order management and tracking portal provides customer-specific ordering menus complete with all routine products, bulk supplies and specialized goods that are needed by our clients including configurable kits and temperature controlled shipping systems. These products are shipped to designated laboratories and collection sites by Therapak using PASSPORT™ LSE Standing Order tools.

To get started, contact us at to request a consultation to take advantage of:

  • Secure system – username and password protected ordering credentials for all approved system users
  • Reduced purchase order, invoice and payables administration
  • Comprehensive electronic statements – The easy-to-read statement contains a summary of the product shipment activity for a specified date range in alignment with your billing cycle selection
  • Access proof of delivery 24/7 with ease in your customized PASSPORT™ LSE portal

Contact us for a simplified approach to consolidating vendors within your supply chain and reducing your department workload while gaining the efficiencies associated with PASSPORT™ systems.