Therapak is now Avantor Clinical Services, delivering custom kitting solutions

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Production and Delivery

Account Management

Each customer is assigned an experienced Account Manager who is intimately aware of the account requirements and manages the relationship with the customer contacts on a daily basis including oversight of the PASSPORTâ„¢ LSE program.

Production and Inventory Management

Therapak’s proprietary web-based information system (TWIST) is the central platform used to control production and inventory by allowing a systemized approach to:

  • Receive incoming inventory supplies (both Therapak purchased and Customer Supplied)
  • Track material lot # and expiration dates
  • Create Bill of Materials for all kit configurations
  • Establish minimum shelf life requirements
  • Assign and track unique lot # and expiration date for each kit batch work order
  • Full cGMP traceability of each lot controlled component in a kit


Competitive Advantages

Having produced over 100 million kits, Therapak is the Global Leader in regulated kit production across all clinical and commercial disciplines. Our systems and procedures are designed to accommodate a wide range of complexity and customization, from batch sizes as small as a single bulk Health Fair Kit to those as large as several thousand repetitive commercial kits.

Therapak offers a globally harmonized kit production solution from three cGMP compliant and registered facilities strategically located in:

  • Los Angeles
  • Atlanta
  • Prague

With an experienced team of cross-trained kit production specialists, Therapak is ready to quickly address volume spikes while making sure your kits are assembled to the highest level of standards and quality.