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Trainer’s Biography


Barry Johnston has over 30 years of experience in the hazardous packaging and shipping industry. His knowledge in the area of biohazardous packaging and the corresponding regulations is extensive. Over the years, Barry has trained numerous clients, including major esoteric, research and state labs as well as biotech companies, federal government (NIH, CDC, and NCI), national lab and clinical trial groups, couriers, and numerous colleges and universities. He has developed packaging and consulted with companies and organizations in the pharmaceutical, clinical and diagnostic lab, biotechnology, device and chemical industries. He has lectured on the regulations and packaging at industry conferences such as CLMA, SWOG and DIA and in various trade magazines.

Barry’s experience in this field started in the late 1980’s as a product manager for hazardous material packaging products.

In 1995, when the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations for infectious substances came into effect, he designed and developed packaging for infectious and diagnostic specimens. In 2000 he further concentrated his efforts on the training, package development and testing and started HighQ LLC, a US DOT third party package certification agency.

As a founding member of the Dangerous Goods Training Association (DGTA) he participates in developing training standards and practices. To keep current on regulations, as well as industry practices and developments, Barry maintains contacts in the governmental agencies, carriers and packaging companies. He has been trained by the DOT and follows all the guidelines of 49CFR 172.700 (subpart H) and IATA and ICAO Section 1.5. He has participated in DOT’s committee of experts’ forum and IATA’s infectious workshop concerning the shipping of specimens.

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