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Package Testing and Development

Box packing

Therapak develops and tests packages that perform to temperature demands such as 2-8°C, dry ice, insulated ambient or custom needs. These packages are then validated in environmental test chambers according to profiles that reflect the individual requirements of your shipping environments. This is documented in a report reflecting industry standards for procedure, calibrations and practices.

Package Certification

Therapak ensures that your packages will meet applicable domestic (US Department of Transportation) and International Air Transport Association (IATA, ICAO) performance regulations for shipping hazardous materials via air and ground transportation. Therapak’s Hazardous Packaging team evaluates your specimens and/or chemicals to determine that your packages are compliant with regulatory shipping requirements.

These services include:

  • Drop testing
  • 95 kPa pressure differential testing for air transport
  • Stack testing
  • Vibration

A report is developed to the appropriate criteria to keep on file for inspection by authorities. Packages that Therapak supplies are Biologicial Substance, Category B, Infectious Substances, Excepted Quantity, Limited Quantity and full Hazmat packaging. These tests are performed in a registered US Department of Transportation test facility.

Package Design

Therapak develops a wide range of packages for specific customer needs for unregulated materials as well. Utilizing a multitude of custom and stock materials with an in-house graphics team results in a quick turn around on prototypes and package styles to evaluate.

We’re your complete specimen package company. If you have questions about your packaging and whether or not it meets the regulations, give us a call at 909-267-2038 or e-mail us at